Having too much space sounds like a fake problem to have, but if you currently have a larger bathroom than you know what to do with, you know all too well that it is, in fact, a very real problem. You want to fill the space, but can't find a bathroom remodeling company that has the right sizes and options for you. Luckily, Bath Planet of Austin has you covered.

Bath Planet has standard tub and shower options, but we additionally offer customers large-sized options to fit the specific needs of your bathroom, allowing you to get the most out of your ample space and complete the cohesion of your bathroom's aesthetic.

With too much space comes the need to fill it with one of these options:

  • Large Bathtub Options
  • Oversized Shower Options
  • Tub and Shower Combination Options
  • Consolidating into Extra Large Shower
  • Variety of Color and Pattern Options

​​Large-Sized Bathtub Options

For average-sized bathrooms, Bath Planet offers the standard 5' tub, but what about the larger bathrooms that require larger tubs? Don't worry; we have something for those, too.

To fill out your bathroom and increase the cohesion of your space, we offer 5.5' tub replacements for added legroom and to fill the abundant space in your bathroom. These custom bathtubs come with a variety of liner, color, and style options for ultimate customization possibilities. You paid for the space, why not make the most of it?

For those who struggle to bathe independently, we offer wide, long walk-in tubs for total accessibility, with a variety of color and style options, as well as an array of tub accessories!

Oversized Shower Options

For those in need of a large shower, the search can be frustrating. Most companies offer only the standard sizes of showers, which wouldn't come close to filling the space you need it to.

Bath Planet offers shower bases 6' x 4' to fill that space, and we even have polymer shower base options up to 10' in length! We even custom-size our shower walls to the specific dimensions of your bathroom to avoid any awkward trims that might take away from the overall aesthetic appeal.

Tub-and-Shower Combination Options

Sometimes, your bathroom upgrades need to satisfy the full scope of needs of your family. For this, you'd be most satisfied with a tub-and-shower combination of a large enough size to fill your bathroom space, with all the amenities your family members needs.

Bath Planet combines standard, soaker, and walk-in tubs that can be combined with a walk-in or roll-in shower for premium accessibility with maximum features.

Consolidating Your Tub and Shower Into an XL Shower

Already have a tub and shower in your large bathroom, but still want an upgrade? Consider turning your side-by-side tub and shower combination into one extra-large, extra-luxurious shower. Bath Planet offers this service to our valued customers to introduce an elegance to your bathroom that is unparalleled by standard bathroom setups.

Wide Variety of Color and Pattern Options

Upgrading your large bathroom is a large investment, so you should get the most out of it by customizing the colors, styles, and patterns of your new bathtub or shower. With hundreds of color and pattern combinations available, Bath Planet has even the most eccentric bathroom dream covered.

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